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Safe Solutions

Training sessions last between 30 minutes to an hour depending on how the dog is coping. We must progress at a rate your dog can handle so sometimes we may have to take a step backwards to go forwards.

If this sounds like something that your dog would benefit from, please do get in touch.

Safe solutions program
£80 per month

The safe solutions program is designed to help dogs and their owners with moderately difficult training issues. Each dog has a tailored approach to the things that they find difficult in their everyday life. Issues include but are not limited to, resource guarding, on-lead aggression towards other dogs, off lead aggression towards other dogs and problems with recall.

The program consists of an introductory meeting to determine which issues you would like to work on and a discussion about the most realistic options for you and your dog.

The program lasts for a minimum of six months and consists of a one to one training sessions per week with a detailed report and training plan and follow up phone calls and ongoing support.

Safe solutions in-depth programme
£120 per month

This in-depth programme is for dogs who have severe behavioural issues and have bitten another dog or person. This is a structured training and desensitisation programme designed to help your dog cope with the pressure they are feeling in a calm, controlled and force-free way. This type of behaviour modification takes time and commitment and is for a minimum of six months.

The programme consists of two one to one training sessions a week either in your home, in a public place if it is safe to do so or at my training venue in Fishers Pond.

All sessions receive a detailed report and training diary to keep track of the little victories along the way. You will also receive email and telephone support for the length of the programme and for six months after.

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